Hey there, I’m Melanie Hahn. I’m an actor working in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Melanie S. Hahn is not your typical actress in that most actresses usually start out acting at a very early age.

Melanie is an accomplished scientist and researcher. She received her BSE from Arizona State University, as Suma Cum Laude in Civil and Environmental Engineering; in addition, she received the award of Outstanding Senior in her Civil and Environmental Engineering class.

After graduating from Arizona State University, Melanie was accepted into UC Berkeley’s Graduate Program, where she became a published author of several research papers.

Melanie was then dedicated to NGEE Arctic, which was created by the Department of Energy. She spent two summers in the Arctic to evaluate climate change by measuring soil emissions of carbon dioxide and methane.

While she spent most of her life as a successful and accomplished scientist, there was something else brewing inside of her and waiting for the proper time to erupt — that eruption would send her energy to an entirely different trajectory — a direction she probably never even thought about while working as a scientist…the field of acting.

A year away from getting her Environmental Engineering Ph.D., Melanie’s creative passion erupted, and she left the science field all together to pursue her passion as an actress.

She became a full-time student at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and she studied under Rob Zimmerman and Peter Allas. During her three years at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Melanie used her educational discipline, focus, skills, and training, as an accomplished scientist, and she applied them to her studies as an actress. 

Every day and night, she worked on her administration, scene-work, and she put many countless hours into her rehearsals. 

With the same vigor, energy, passion, discipline, and focus she used in her educational accomplishments, she applied them to her studies as an actress; and, she flourished — she became a working actress.

Her talent and professionalism as an actress was noticed by casting directors in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2017, she landed a principal role in theatrical play called, Brilliant Lies, and the critics loved her work as, Katy.

Shortly thereafter, a talent agency, JTA, signed her on to represent her as an actress in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.

Recently, in May 2018, she just finished shooting a television pilot, as the lead actress.

When asked, “What is it about acting that you love so much?” She replied, “I like the possibility of motivating and inspiring the audience to pursue their dreams through the characters I create on film and on stage.”

When Melanie is not on set or on stage, she is a full-time student at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, putting many hours of rehearsals into her scene-work and studies.